• Yokohama Visitors' Guide


○ Outline

Date November 20 (Tue) – 22 (Thu), 2012, 9:00am – 5:00pm
*Until 4:00pm on November 22
Venue PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, Exhibition Hall A (size: 3,300 square meters)
1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan
Number of visitors 15,000 (scheduled)
* Includes symposium participants, general public, and students
Fee Free
Number of exhibits 130 spaces (scheduled)
Exhibition contents Corporate exhibition booths Product introduction booths by water supply-related companies
Public organization booths PR booths by the government, water utilities, and administrative corporations, etc.
Other Exhibits for disaster measures, etc. and other special exhibits, events

○ Exhibit fields

・Pipeline Network system-related
New materials and new construction methods for pipelines, pipeline diagnosis, aseismic technologies, leakage detection technologies, pipeline information management, water quality management-related equipment, crisis management, monitoring/control of pipelines, design/management of as-built drawings/water facility database etc., concentrated/automatic meter reading, water service system without receiving tank-related equipment, meter-related topics, valve-related topics, pump/motor-related topics, stainless steel distribution reservoir, water leakage repair, method of non-suspension water construction, pipe laying in shallow depth
・Water treatment system-related
Advanced water treatment technologies, membrane filtration technologies, high efficiency water treatment technologies, new disinfectant/coagulant, cryptosporidium detection/treatment technologies, high efficiency sludge treatment technologies, UV ray water treatment technologies, activated carbon, automatic measuring/control system, instrumentation equipment, electric power receiving/transformation system
・Water quality management system-related
Automatic monitoring for water quality, high accuracy water quality examination equipment, automatic bioassay monitoring, water quality monitoring inside pipelines, water quality crisis management
・Water supply equipment-related
Sanitary fixture, point-of-use treatment unit, water heaters, valves, joints, water service tanks
・Crisis management/disaster prevention-related
Aseismic/seismic isolation/seismic control equipment technologies, power outage measure, emergency power supply, disaster management radio communications, safety confirmation system, information security system, disaster mitigation, lightening damage measure, aseismatic design, aseismatic reinforcement technologies, aseismic diagnosis method, deterioration diagnosis method
・Environmental system-related
Small hydraulic power generation (micro hydraulic power generation), solar power generation, wind power generation, recycling system of the sludge from water treatment plant
・International cooperation/water business-related
International cooperation, water business, international standardization, human resources development
Advanced technologies for water supply technologies (deterioration inspection by robots), total consultants, water utilities-related, asset management, etc.
第7回水道技術国際シンポジウム展示会1 第7回水道技術国際シンポジウム展示会2

(From the 7th International Symposium on Water Supply Technology exhibition)

○ Exhibition Schedule

1Disaster control:Efforts undertaken by the City of Yokohama (Disaster Prevention PR Corner)November 20-22Disaster prevention-related goods and panels showing activities to prevent water supply disaster will be exhibited.
2Water’s Photo ExhibitionNovember 20-22Photos entered into the “Water’s Photo Contest” held by Suido Sangyo Shinbun will be exhibited.
3PR images of the exhibitor companies will be shown November 20-22PR images of the exhibitor companies will be shown on the screen in the event space during the time when no event is held there.
4Students' water supply research contestNovember 20-22,: Research outcome will be exhibited on panels in the exhibition venue.
November 21, 15:30-17:00 presentation/commendation
The outcome of the study and research by students for solutions for the issues and themes involved in water in general and water supply will be presented and exhibited on panels in the symposium and exhibition venue.
5Exhibition booth tour for students and citizensNovember 20-22Students, who are responsible for the future, and citizens will be guided to exhibition booths for exhibitors’ public relations purposes and for exchange opportunities through the presentation of the business and products.
6Great way to enjoy “great” tap waterNovember 21, 2:45-3:15PM / 22, 1:00-4:00PMThe method to prepare tasteful Japanese tea using tap water will be demonstrated. Tea tasting will be available.
7Experience a time slip to the Meiji Era and have a souvenir photo takenNovember 20-22You can have a souvenir photo taken against the background of the scenery and people wearing clothes from the Meiji Era, the time when the modern water system was built.
8Quiz rallyNovember 20-22Quiz questions will be provided in various booths in the exhibition venue. Those who have participated in the rally by visiting all the above booths will receive a participation award and those who have answered all the questions correctly can enter a drawing for a prize.
9Workshop for new Yokohama City-designated water supply plumbing contractorsNovember 20, 1:00-4:30PMA workshop will be held for the engineers and technicians involved in water supply system works for the improvement of knowledge and skills related to water supply.
10JICA’s course trainees’ country report presentation sessionNovember 21 9:15AM-12:00PM; 229:15AM-12:00PMParticipants in JICA’s training course will present the current state and issues of the water supply system in their respective countries.
11Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) performance by Ms. Michiko HamasakiNovember 20, following the opening ceremonyA shodo performance by Ms. Hamasaki, a calligrapher, will be held and moreover, you can take part in yosegaki, or multiple people writing their respective messages on Ms.Hamasaki’s work to create a single piece of calligraphy work.
12Beer produced with water straight out of the Kawai Purification Plantthe afternoon of November 20, 21, and 22Beer to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the building of the modern water system will be sold (Produced jointly with Yokohama Brewery).
13Specialty product sales by “Michi-no-eki Doshi” in the exhibition venueNovember 20-22Specialty products of Doshi-mura village, the source of Yokohama’s water supply, will be sold in the exhibition venue.
14Implementation of emergency water supply drillNovember 20, 11:30AM, 12:30PMAn emergency water supply drill will be implemented in Minato Mirai 21 (Yoyo Square), using the underground water supply tank for use in a disaster.
15Africa Business SeminarNovember 20, 11:00AM-12:00PMA seminar will be held on “Business with Africa,” where a significant growth in economy, etc. is expected in the future.